"A self-professed square peg in a round  hole, Jon Simkin has almost 30 years procurement experience with blue chip organisations both sides of the Atlantic. "

Recognised as a provocative thought leader he challenges conventions with his strong convictions about the procurement profession:

"It would have surprised few people to learn that last year Jon Simkin was made one of CIPS's youngest ever Fellows. The (then) 37 year-old Director of Strategic Sourcing (Europe) at multinational giant Warner-Lambert has based his career on being the first and the best. His accent, mixing a Bolton burr with an Illinois twang, is a perfect illustration of how he has succeeded by mixing long-held convictions with a readiness to change."

Supply Management "Rebel Rousing" profile article - 24 April '97.

"My own conviction is that enlightened enterprises will embrace this technology (e-Procurement) all the way back down the supply chain when developing their own tenders. This is "best practice purchasing" when applied properly, putting your finger on the pulse of a dynamic and competitive marketplace. Be bold, be first, be best in class, or be a dinosaur (and we all know their story)."

Building Magazine - 7 December '01.

"When Jon Simkin, director of procurement integration at $10.2 billion (E9.3 billion) Warner Lambert, was sent on a three-month assignment from headquarters in New Jersey to assess how much the American firm's European operations were spending on company cars, he had no idea that five years later he would still be here advising on how to save money. Nor was he prepared for the actual cost of running the fleet of 2,500 vehicles in Europe. "Since the company had estimated $13m, it was quite a shock to discover the true cost was double," he recalls."

CFO Europe Magazine--April '97

You've installed SAP, implemented purchasing cards and now the finance director is looking for the savings. Those lower transactional costs help, but they don't really satisfy the corporate appetite for savings. So you're under pressure to turn to Internet solutions. Everyone else seems to be implementing "e-commerce", and you don't want to miss the boat like you nearly did with SAPů

Supply Management Viewpoint - January '01

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