Firstly it is necessary to develop a basic understanding of how to measure "Procurement Productivity".

Through the identification of the Key Performance Indicators to be targeted for improvement, the appropriate strategic tools can be selected from the eToolbox.

Spend Analysis:

In order to create a strong foundation on which to build an eProcurement program, it is essential to have an accurate understanding of how money is spent.

We spend a little longer on this phase, ensuring that all spend is identified and mapped to "market facing" taxonomies before being loaded into a powerful database.

This powerful data cube is key to future success.


Choosing the right eSourcing software will allow vaulable resources to concentrate on value added tasks rather than becoming slaves to the paperwork and administration required to follow traditional RFI/RFQ tender processes.


Perhaps the most effective and aggressive (yet non confrontational) form of negotiation. Capable of yielding dramatic cost reductions when managed ethically as part of a strategic procurement program.


Capable of creating an "Amazon" like buying experience for requisitioners and providing a powerful compliance tool.


Drives efficiency and automation into Finance whilst enhancing both control and audit.

We have in depth experience in advising clients on the strategies behind these enabling technologies in both the private and public sectors, assisting with the business plans to model a ROI and the measurement protocols required to capture savings and drive them to the bottom line.

Our Approach:

How do you make sense of the different technologies available to procurement?

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