eProcurement has fundamentally altered the way organisations source. Knowing which technologies to embrace and how to align them with core values and objectives is key to capturing the productivity advantages of a strong and strategic procurement function.

For over 15 years we have been at the forefront of the profession, recognised by our peers as thought leaders in the successful application of enabling technologies.

Blending hard earned international experience across both private and public sectors, we have identified, refined and implemented eProcurement tools and re-aligned procurement processes to maximise the resulting productivity gains.

Whether responding to cost pressures, growing bottom line, or enhancing customer service, we can help. With global productivity gains in excess of 250 million to date we can deliver results.

Unlike larger consultancies, we offer a bespoke solution to each client. We will perform a detailed diagnosis of your needs and recommend carefully crafted solutions for your consideration.

Since we are independent, we are not obliged to promote any particular solutions or technologies. Drawing from a matrix of solutions and a network of independent consultants, we will exceed your expectations.

Whether you choose to use Spend Analysis, Change Management, Purchasing Cards, eReverse Auctions, eTendering, Exchanges, eMarketplaces or simply want to enhance processes to make better use of Enterprise Technology or MRP, we can provide you with over 15 years hands on experience of how to best target and capture lost productivity opportunities.

Let us help raise the profile of your Procurement Function.

Procurement has evolved

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